Cult artist Chris Warner is awarded the Golden Romics of the XXIV edition of Romics


From Predator to Terminator and Barb Whire to Black Cross: cult artist Chris Warner is awarded the Golden Romics of the XXIV edition of Romics


Screenwriter, draftsman, editor and one of the most important figures in American comics over the last thirty years, Chris Warner will receive the Golden Romics of the XXIV edition of Romics (October 4-7). After starting out alongside Mark Verheiden, Frank Miller and Paul Chadwick on the legendary APA-5 fanzine, he began at Dark Horse Comics in 1989 and went on to work on the first series of Predator, Alien vs Predator and Alien vs Predator: War. The brilliant concept of Alien vs Predator was an idea he plucked from his imagination during a meeting with Mike Richardson, the founder of Dark Horse. Warner continues his career as a draftsman, screenwriter and editor and is fast becoming one of the publisher’s most important executives. In addition to Predator, he has scripted and drawn out several Terminator stories and created Black Cross and Barb Wire, making a name for himself among readers all over the world. Over his long career, he has also worked on Batman and Moon Knight with Marvel, DC Comics and WildStorm.


Chris Warner winning the Golden Romics coincides with the release of ‘The Predator’, the fourth film in the series and a remake of the 1987 original. The film will be directed by Shane Black and released in America on September 14, 2018.


In Italy, Predator shot to fame mainly thanks to its incredibly successful films. The narrative universe of Yautja aliens also plays an important part in the Dark Horse comics. In Italy, they have all been published by saldaPress which also printed ‘The 30th Anniversary of Predator’ in August - a single volume collection of the three cult stories written by Mark Verheiden. In September, it then released ‘Predator - Life and Death’ and the first edition of ‘Predator’, a monthly magazine that will bring together the most recent stories produced by Dark Horse.


Chris Warner will be the protagonist of a meeting where he will talk about his extraordinary career to the public.


Chris Warner’s appearance is organized in collaboration with the saldaPress publishing house.