Diabolik as seen from Sergio Zaniboni - The exhibition


A truly unique exhibition that recalls the career of Sergio Zaniboni, historic illustrator of Diabolik who, in over 45 years dedicated to drawing, has been able to impose to the character its own personality. Original plates of the best-loved stories, posters, graphics and proofs of the artistic parabola of Zaniboni give form to an exhibition itinerary which intends to honour one of the most celebrated penciller of italian comics.

The exhibition is organised by Astorina.
“Sergio Zaniboni, like a consummate director, has used the pencil as a video camera, narrating  through images without sacrificing the story – in other words the need to “explain”, “make people understand”– above the pleasure of illustrating, the self-congratulation of the artist. Especially for this, Sergio is considered a Great Author of Comics.”         
Mario Gomboli, General manager of  Publishing House Astorina.