Pixar. 30 Years of Animation

Pixar. 30 Years of Animation. Come enjoy an insightful discussion between Elyse Klaidman, curator of the “Pixar. 30 Years of Animation.” exhibit and head of Pixar Archives, and Maria Grazia Mattei, curator of the Italian edition of the exhibition and president MEET, international center for digital culture. Sabrina Perucca, Artistic Director of Romics, will moderate the conversation.

“Pixar. 30 Years of Animation.” is a can’t-miss opportunity to see first-hand the incredible work that goes into crafting the characters and the worlds of Pixar films. From “Toy Story” to “Coco,” and now updated to include the just-released “Incredibles 2,” this exhibit celebrates the artistry of Pixar’s immense creative talents, and presents their work in insightful and delightful fashion for art and animation fans of all ages.

Klaidman will offer an overview of the exhibit, which first premiered at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 2008. She will explain how the project was first conceived, the curatorial process and how it is organized and presented.

Mattei’s speech will trace back to the early ages of digital animation in order to showcase the historical importance of Pixar in the creation of a new “language” that combines art and technology.  She will explain how the vision of Pixar as a "digital Renaissance workshop" inspired the Italian edition of the exhibition.