Romics Cosplay Kids October 2018

Small kids turn into great heroes and characters of the past and the future thanks to Romics Cosplay Kids.

Mums, dads, grandparents… we need the collaboration of the whole family to create the costume with which children will be able to participate in the Cosplay Kids.


That is not a competition, but an event dedicated to creativity,  which encourages children to express their own personalities  fully identifying themselves in a fantasy character.

Kids, maybe the great cosplayers of the future, will take the stage of  Romics - Pala Movie (pav.5) and will be involved in a funny form of entertaiment: songs, dances and laughter accompanied by Francesca Pace (Fiore di Luna), Andrea Frankini in the role of Jack Sparrow and the ever present  Lupics the mascotte of Romics!


Meanwhile, an unmissible event for the young cosplayers:  Superheroes Vs Princesses. The challenge-show that children enjoy! A magic show that will see a challenge between the most beloved superheroes and the highly elegant princesses of the animated world.

Pull out needle and thread! A fabulous journey in the world of fantasy is about to start !!!


To participate fill out and deliver the registration form to the staff of area Kids&Junior on Sunday 7 October 2018 and prepare yourself for the parade that will begin at 15.00.