From Topolino to Fantomius and even Papertotti, the amazing adventures of Marco Gervasio


Marco Gervasio, historic author of Disney, illustrator of  the famous characters Fantomius and Papertotti, and creator of unforgettable stories of Topolino, is celebrated with the Golden Romics Award and with a not to be missed exhibition itinerary that Gervasio himself tells us using these words:


“In this exhibition, on the occasion of the XXIV edition of Romics, I can state that not only my comics career but also a bit all of me is illustrated. Infact, all my passions are displayed, from cinema and literature to fantasy  and mistery, without forgetting football, all contained within the biggest one which is ‘’creating comics’’.

Mickey Mouse and Peg-Leg Pete in: The Long Escape, takes its inspiration from the Odissey with a modern approach. I have illustrated the splendid script by Tito Faraci. The Top Ranger, of which I am completely the author, is the parody of the 2013 Disney movie “The Lone Ranger”. This story reveals my passion for the ‘’Western’’,

Le Strabilianti Imprese di Fantomius-Ladro gentiluomo, the series set in the ’20, with Fantomius as the protagonist. I have chosen to display the plates of Fantomius, trying to show all its facets anf the various themes  addressed in its adventures.

In addition, the exhibition proposes many covers and illustrations that I have created for Topolino and other Disney magazines, reflecting an other aspect of my work, which is that of cover artist. Some covers are connected to the world of football, of which in my career I have often dealt with, creating stories with famous players, and among them I cannot avoid mentioning  Francesco Totti who inspired Papertotti, his duck alter ego.


Marco Gervasio, Golden Romics of the XXIV edition