The tribute Exhibition to Evangelion and the double twentieth anniversary: Sci-Fi Anime Attack Exhibit and Take My Revolution! Utena 20th Exhibit

The exhibition organised by Associazione Culturale EVA IMPACT, curated by Ivan Ricci, is a tribute to sci-fi series broadcast during the tv programme Anime Night on MTV between 1999 and 2002. This exhibition  has been conceived to celebrate Evangelion and the double twentieth anniversary in 2018, of Cowboy Bebop and the animated series taken from Trigun manga.


Sci-Fi Anime Attack Exhibit, carried out by italian artists  such as: Giulia Adragna, Sergio Algozzino, Luigi “Bigio” Cecchi, Jessica Cioffi, Gabriele Cioffi, Valerio “TURBOGAMMA” Carradori, Martina Dacome, Margherita de’ Pazzi, Andrea “Yuu” Dentuto, Anna Ferrari, Germano Massenzio, Diana Mercolini, Sara Michieli, Mariabianca “MabyMin” Minelli, Denny Minonne, Noemi Pischedda, Giopota, Fabrizio Ricci, Chiara Shkurtaj, Enrico Simonato, Eva Villa, is composed by 21 original illustrations made in different styles and tecniques by some of the best italian talents.  Every artist has had complete freedom of expression to pay homage to his favourite Sci-Fi anime work, and the result is an extraordinary variety of works that surprise for their originality and beauty. Works were collected in the book: Sci-Fi Anime Attack – Neon Genesis Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun and the japanese Sci-Fi animation at the dawn of the third millennium.

Utena la fillette révolutionnaire, the multimedia masterpiece by director Kunihiko Ikuhara, has just tuened 20 and Take my Revolution! Utena 20th Exhibit, tribute exhibition, wishes to pay homage  to this revolutionary work. The exhibition consists of 13 illustrations made in a complete creative freedom by iyalian talents such as: Asu, Giulia Adragna, Claudio Avella, Isabella Cacciabaudo, Federica di Meo, Elisa “Divi” di Virgilio, Diana Mercolini, Salvatore “Nives” Pascarella, Emilio “Exemi” Pilliu, Ilaria Saracco, Paolo Zeccardo. Works were collected in the book: Take my Revolution!,