Le Circostanze - The graphic novels of Vittorio Giardino


Following for more than a year  the making of the latest book by Vittorio Giardino, ‘’Le circostanze’’ traces a complete portrait of the author, master of the european graphic novel, of his working method and his poetics so intrinsically linked to the Twentieth century. The documentary brings for the very first time on screen the original plates of his comic books, whith texts specifically adapted by the author for the film.  


‘’Le Circostanze’’ was shot in Bologna, Prague and Barcelona. Giardino accompanies us through places so dear to him, settings of the stories narrated in his books and source of inspiration of his fantasy. Bologna is his native town, where he still lives and works and he maintains intense relationships with exponents of Bolognese culture such as the songwriter Francesco Guccini, interviewed in the documentary. Prague is the town of Jonas Fink, whereas Barcellona hosts the latest adventures of the spy Max Fridman, in the middle of the Civil War.


Vittorio Giardino, was born in Bologna, in 1946, is unanimously recognized as one of the most important contemporary comic-book artists, his books were translated  in 16 languages and published all over Europe, in China, Japan, Brazil, Argentina and United States. Apart from trends and fashion, with a linear and expressive stroke, very intriguing plots, very accurate settings inspired by the classic Hollywood cinema but also by literature. In 2008 he was awarded the “Gran Maestro del Fumetto” at the Lucca festival. In 2012 he received the prestigious Prix Angoulême for the adventures of Jonas Fink. In 2013 a great exhibitions was devoted to his work at the Museo Civico Archeologico of Bologna. In 2018 the author completed the long awaited third volume which ends the Jonas Fink’s trilogy. Giardino also worked in the fields of illustration (Vogue, Je bouquine, Mosquito, Viaggi) affiche, lithography and serigraphy.


Lorenzo Cioffi, was born in Napoli in 1979, he graduated in History of Cinema at the Università di Roma Tre. He completed his formation attending an annual course on documentary cinema at the Drop out of Milan. In 2011 he founded the production company Ladoc and since then he has produced (Napolislam, La Natura delle Cose) and has directed (Rustam Casanova, Il Viaggio di Ettore) documentaries for cinema and tv.


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Rebels and Spies - The graphic novels of Vittorio Giardino _ trailer from ladoc on Vimeo.